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Principal’s Message

Principal's Message

From its establishment, Govt. Music College is spreading the beauty of music by nurturing world class musicians. The students of this college are representing Bangladesh on the world stage not only as singers but also as music composers, melodists, musical instrument players, directors, cultural organizers etc. Govt. Music College is the only government college of music in Bangladesh which is silently doing its duty by pursuing pure music. Besides music, general subjects like Bangla, English, Political science, Economics and History are also taught in this College. Our teachers are highly qualified and sincere to their duties. With all the efforts of the teachers, staffs and students, the Govt. Music College is steadily moving towards progress. Apart from being the source of entertainment, music helps a country’s advancement and victory during the nation’s crisis periods. Against any social injustice and exploitation, the influence of music is noteworthy. The role of music during our liberation war of 1971 is the vivid example of the practical importance of music. I believe that with the essence of our great liberation war in their mind, the devoted students of Govt. Music College will contribute to the development of beautiful Bangladesh.

Vice Principal’s Message

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