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About Govt. Music College

Govt. Music College is the only specialized government college of higher secondary and tertiary level education on music. Since its establishment in 1963, for fifty three years, this college has been playing an important role in practising our national culture, formal education and research on music. It started its journey from 68, Kakrail Monowara kindergarten to the college of Music and finally to the Govt. Music college. Along with a few talented artists, famous specialist classical singer Barin Majumder was the founder of this college. Their dream and hard work made it possible. The curriculum of Govt. Music college incorporates both general subjects and music subjects. So, the students of this college study Bangla, English, Economics, Political Science, Civics, History and History of the Rise of the Independent Bangladesh alongside the subjects on music. Currently, this college offers two years Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) on Music and Humanities under the National curriculum and Textbook Board, three years B. Music (pass) course, four years B. Music (Honours) course and two years M. Music course under National University. Here, the

students can do honours in five subjects : Classical song, Nazrul song, Rabindra Song, Folk song and Tabla. The students of music not only become singers, but also can take the profession of lyricist, music composer, music director, sound recordist, instrument artist, sound mixer, musical programme organizer, producer, director, demonstrator, music artist sponsor, aide, etc. In these fields, the teachers of music subjects have important roles to play. Many famous music artists have been the teachers of Govt. Music College : Nazrul singer Khalid Hossain, Folk singer Indromohon Rajbongshi, Jahir Alim, Rabindra singer Rezwana Chowdhury Bonna, Sadi Mohammad Tokiullah and many more. Each year, the students of Govt. Music College take part in the cultural competition programme of the national education week and thus helping to practise our cultural tradition. They have success record in patriotic music, Rabindra song, classical music, Folk song, group Jari song, Hamd/Naat, off hand acting, etc at the education week. Above all the staffs are working hard to make this institution a world class music academy. In this college the students are involved in co-curriculer activities too. Cultural programme, annual picnic and sports competition are organized on a regular basis. The quality of education is also satisfactory here. The pass rates in 2017 are as follows : H.S.C examination 92% B. Music (pass course) 97% M. Music (pass course) 100% This college is also enriched with its research works. Since its establishment, 82 research works have been done ; among these, 05 researches are on classical music, 30 researches are on Nazrul song, 20 researches are on Rabindra song and 27 researches are on Folk song. Because Govt. Music College is doing the noble duty of practising and expanding our cultural heritage, it is high time the college was developed further both academically and infrustructurally.